3 Ways You Can Cheat at Poker and Why You Shouldn’t

For as long as poker has been a thing, cheating at it has also been a popular subject of discussion. Hiding Aces by the sleeves to release when the situation gets worse was the method of cheating opted by many of the old school gamblers. From the individual cheaters, teams started forming as a result of collusions to win at the casino game. The land-based casinos have been goldmines for cheaters for a long time despite the numerous eyes tracking actions of all players.

Now, as the online poker rooms are running ahead in the business, cheaters have shifted to these platforms to remain anonymous and make some money. The ‘bot’ programs that play perfectly to offer the players an unfair advantage have been on great traction for some time now. However, these methods aren’t preferred by many players for reasons untold. A list of ways that can help you cheat at poker has been given below, and also the reasons to not try it have been divulged.


1. Marking the Cards

Cheaters had been marking cards in the WSOP to have a better view into their opponents’ hands. The card manufacturer was blamed for the scandal as people claim the issue to be with the flimsy cards that are prone to denting and scratching. During the initial squeeze, a player can subtly mark the back of cards if done slyly. Cheaters hope that none of the players nor the dealer will notice the defect on these marked cards.

Marking cards is often approached with high-tech strategies rather than the simple dig with a fingernail because the cheaters want to play safely at the same time. If you try this at a game, the chances for you to fail are high because the poker players who visit the poker rooms have an instinct to play fairly. Any player who manages to elude the losses and never gets bluffed will stand out among the others. These factors would be enough to draw suspicions, and a request made by the other players for a new deck will end up in your efforts being in vain.

2. Soft Playing

If two or more players are friends off the table and get together for a game, chances for a ‘soft play’ are much higher than an ethical and genuine one. Two players sitting together by checking down an Ace-high board is a sign that they are avoiding confrontation. Poker doesn’t allow friends or family members to have a cordial relationship on the table; they are expected to behave like two individuals who play the game. Soft playing is, therefore, a method of cheating that some people have tried on several occasions and failed.

3. Creating a “Bot”


Bots can help the cheaters to make optimal decisions based on the information available on the screen. By programming the bots right, the players would only need to sit back and allow these programs to make the decision and play. Online sites are now aware of these bot accounts and have taken measures to avoid the entry of such players into any 토토사이트; so, trying this wouldn’t be wise anymore.

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